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sturepedic. even get three years interest-free financing on serta icomfort and tempur-pedic, but this special financing offer ends labor day at sleep train. new timelapse video shows the enormity of the wildfire keeping thousands of firefighters working around the clock to save the
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precious park and its surroundings. and the u-s may be forced to confront syria on its own after one key ally fails to i'm pam moore. a full hour of your prime- time news at eight. starts right now. outgoing. popular and about high school, robert orlando died just 12 hours before the start of classes. in white to honor their friend. 17 yrl was killed in car acc
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camideident 12 hrs before school started. classmate said his was a really cool kid funeral is being alnned for next week.
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substitue teacher in san jaose arreste for child photo pornogrphay ipa pad ha of toak grove school stts
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that no children wer invoved with this teacher and stuent safety is priority. new at eight -- we now know the identity of a san francisco police officer accused of molesting a teenage concord boy.
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37-year-old richard hastings is suspended without pay. concord police arrested hastings last week. sources tell kron-4 that hastings *is the same officer who shot a washington state parolee back in august 2011. that parolee -- kenneth harding -- killed himself following a shootout with hastings and a fellow happening now. day one of the bay bridge shutdown. as caltrans gets ready to open the new span. crews are busy tearing apart the old bridge. we begin our bay bridge coverage tonight with kron4's grant lodes. with new video of the bay bridge grant? continuing our coverage now.
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kron4's dan kerman is live at the bay bridge toll plaza. he joins us now with a brand new tour of the new span. dan? bridge is on schedule for tuesday morning opening
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crew will cointinue to work through the night and this weekend to complete the bridge.
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o happening now.
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the yosemite fire continues to grow. as firefighters continue to battle for control. here's the latest. the "rim fire" is now almost 193 -thousand acres. evacuation advisories have actually been lifted in tuolomne city. ponderosa hills remains under the orders. and of the 48 -hundred people fighting the rim fire, almost seven- hundred are inmates from california coorectional facilities. tonight, crews are hoping to save one treasured resource -- the sequoias. as well as keep a major bay area water source safe. kron-4's philippe djegal reports from tuolomne county. fire crews are working at a fever pitch to protect the hetch hetchy reservoir. and, both the tuolumne and merced sequoia groves inside yosemite national park. fire officials say the reservoir is well protected and water quality has not been affected. sot- kevin hitchcock/fire
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division chief fire fighters are working 24 hour shifts to protect the hetch hetchy reservoir. they're posted in their engines at several different points of the area. however, chief kevin hitchock says so far neither the dam or hydrostation have been damaged. meanwhile, the u-s park service -- building fire lines around the two sequoia groves threatened by the rim fire. it's in a remote area. crews have set-up a sprinkler system around the trees to moisten the fuels -- making them less likely to burn the historic ranger's cabin near crane flat. has also been covered up with fire retardant material. in tuolumne county, philippe djegal, kron four news.
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happening now. the world is waiting for a decision on u.s. military action in retaliation for the use of chemical weapons. this shows where u.s. warships and a british missile submarine are already in position in the region. but leaders in both countries are meeting resistance. this might not be easy. in britain.a huge and embarrassing setback thursday for the british prime minister's push for a tough response to syria. the house of commons shooting down even a preliminary resolution on military action. here at home.that means the u.s. may have to decide whether to go in alone. as president obama ponders a military strike. members of congress got a briefing today from top u.s. officials. who are making the case that syrian forces killedlast week. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle want a role in the final decision.
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this shows the positions of could originate. but we've gone from talk of u.s. air strikes being to talk of more caution. some of the key evidence seen by the american public.since it remains classified. and almost certainly nothing will happen until u-n weapons inspectors get out of syria. they're not expected to evidence until saturday. ahead at eight. we know apple is going to unveil the next i-phone any day now your existing used i-phone once the new one comes out. back after the break.
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it's a bizarre case. involving a man biting a dog. sheriff's deputies have identified the suspect as 34-year-old frank garcia of san jose. as kron four's rob fladeboe reports now, deputies say garcia was on drugs when he fought and bit the dog. and the whole thing was captured on video.
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from his front porch here on raymond avenue, carl rubio watched as another neighbor shot this a dozen deputies tried to subdue garcia, who was armed with a knife. back to the video now as the suspect refuses to drop the knife and then stabs himself. at that point, handlers release their canine 'ski' who, along with several deputies, wrestle the suspect to the ground but not before he manages to punch and choke and actually bite the dog. neighbors say deputies showed a lot of restraint in
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dealing with the man. had it not been for ski, carl rubio says deputies may have had to shoot him. what exactly caused a devastating seven- alarm grassfire, which quickly ripped through a fairfield neighborhood this week. is still under investigation.
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and now tonight a new question is being raised. about whether or not the city was in any way responsible for the blaze. 5 homes were destroyed and 10 others damaged. today at a disaster recovery meeting, some homeowners charged that the land between where the fire started. and their properties. was a weed- filled lot which belongs to the city. and as kron4's maureen kelly reports. they claim officials were not properly maintaining that area. this is the home now burned beyond reconigtion where the gray family lived for nearly 40 years.raising three children. .donna bishop is one of them.she is taking us back where the fire jumped the soundwall and spread to her childhood home. she says the city had an easement for the land between the soundwall and the chain link fence a spokesperson for the city says they are still digg ing thru the records to
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determine just who's was responsible for this strip of land. the gray family says their parents have had to call every year to get someone out here to cut back the weeds.but this one came. we will whe maureen kelly kron4 news. fast- food workers want their wages 'super- sized'.
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workers walked off the job across 60 cities nationwide. including at this k-f-c in oakland. it's the largest-ever strike to hit the fast-food industry. it is all part of an effort. aimed at boosting their pay and benefits. right now -- organizers say, most fast food workers only make about 8-dollars an hour. those workers are also asking for the right to this strike only lasted for
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today. so workers are expected to be back behind the counters tomorrow. san francisco mayor ed lee helped kick off a new bay area bike share program today! the new program will hopefully relieve traffic congestion and to link riders between caltrain stops in areas like san francisco, redwood city, and mountain view and downtown business districts. mayor lee explained the enviormental impact the new program will have. ".it's exciting". of the
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users will have access to more than 600 bikes parked at about 70 different stations. fees depend on how long a bike is checked out for. mild outside this evening right now in san francisco fog returns tonight and cle ars tomorrow
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back after the break. honda
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best buy is making a big move to get rid of their i- phone '5' inventory. now through monday if you trade in an old used i- phone they will give you a new i-phone '5' for half the price at one hundred dollars. the i-phone '5' has been very popular and has earned great reviews.
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our tech reporter gabe slate says this is a great deal but, if you want to hold out for the next i-phone he has advice on how to get top dollar for your used i- gabe
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back after the break. ♪
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kron 4's j-r stone joins us still ahead-- bin laden who was killed may married benefits. death of osama bin laden. military laboratory in identity
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was killed by a navy seal security agency leaker performed the dna testing. tests "provided a conclusive pakistan hideout in may 2011. state - at least for now. year. states. in california as well as 18 other states and the district of columbia allow some legal use of pot, including medicinal use. o-p-i now offers a wholethe city of san francisco. the san francisco
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collection polish colors. with creative names that relate to the bay area.
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92 in antioch tomorrow 71 in san franciso tomoroow possible thunder storms for monday labor day holiday
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the loss of a high school senior for robert orland who was killed in car accidnet 12 hours before school started.
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same sex couples who are legally married can apply for federal tax cockeses.
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dna from osama bin laden confirm that it was him that was killled in may 2011 legalized marjuanna in
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colorad and others states is approved by fed government. dish & dine is coming up after the break.
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